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day 19

No news are good news, right? I have chewed once or twice a very very little bit, but no damage has happened. Sometimes I am kind of startled that my nails are long when I accidentaly scratch myself too hard or something.

I know this is boring^^ I don't even like to write here, but I do it in order to feel committed.

5.7.11 19:39

day 13

Fine fine fine. They are all safe. It's almost two weeks now, they are all "long" and now I just hope I can keep it like this and that the nailbed will grow...
29.6.11 10:22

day 10

I was so stupid to break one of my nails. I had to file it down... The disappointment makes it harder. All my other nails are fine. I didn't bite at all till now.
26.6.11 10:07

day 7

It's going quite well. It's more difficult when they are longer, but I haven't chewed until now. Except for the skin around the nails...

23.6.11 09:31

day 5

It's going well. I was too busy yesterday to think about biting, and although I had an exam it didn't make me nervous enough to feel like it. (Doesn't that sound sick? I'm sure it does...)

And today they have a small white rim.


21.6.11 11:50

day 3

It's hard not to do anything with my fingers today. They feel itchy and uncomfortable and some skin around the nails is rough (although I put like a tube of lotion on it) and it's driving me crazy. Maybe I am just hungry? I am having Korean noodle now.
19.6.11 15:50

day two


It's easy not to bite them in the beginning, because motivation is so high. The difficult time is coming in around 3 weeks, I'd say.




It's funny, on the photo it looks like they have grown already, but they dont look different from yesterday in reality.

And as you can see, my nails have really strange shapes from biting, especially the middle finger, and my nailbed is shortened and I am not sure how this will end up. I read that the nailbed can grow again too, and that's what I hope for. If it works, it will still take ages... So I guess I would just let a small white bit and hope for the best! By the way, I am not that kind of biter who chews until bleeding- fortunately, that passed a while ago. But I never gave them the chance to grow back the nailbed, so let's see.

18.6.11 19:30

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